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At Off Grid Tiny Houses we prioritise improvement over expansion and the homes we build reflect this.  We beleive that a well-designed space can be more functional than a poor layout several times it's size.  "Bite-sized" housing has softer ecological and economical impacts for both the occupier and their surroundings

Our customisable Tiny Houses on Wheels (THOWs) start at $74,500 (GST inclusive).  The videos below show our base models.  Pricing, features and inclusions are listed 5 seconds into each video:


All of the models shown above may be customised to our discretion and pricing is adjusted accordingly.  Optional extras may include: custom cabinetry, extra windows, standalone solar (typically $15-25k installed depending on requirements) etc.  Click here for info about our purchasing procedure and here to download our two-stage agreement forms. 

If you are interested in viewing our work please sign up to our mailing list to ensure you receive notification of our upcoming events.  Please feel free to  contact us if you have a  specific query about our product/s.

Why choose us?

  • Lightweight & robust:  Great care is taken in both engineering our THOWs and selecting materials to ensure they don't exceed 3500kg.  This means that even our largest dual loft models can be transported by many Aussie 4WDs thereby reducing transportation costs and increasing possibilities. 


  • Road-ready:  Our VSB1 compliant THOWs are stamped with a unique VIN and ready for relocation.  A rugged galvanised steel and aluminium frame ensures peace of mind during transit and the lifetime of the home.  Electrical and gas certification is provided and the water inlet and outlet are easily connected on site.

  • Energy efficient:  Exclusive use of double glazing and high performance insulation batts (in walls, floors and ceilings) ensures that every effort is made to reduce the need for heating and cooling.  A smaller house already requires much less energy to run despite these improvements.

  • Experts in off grid solar:  As accredtied installers of Selectronic battery inverters (made in Australia) we are able to offer an unbeaten 10 year warranty on their world-class products.  Our passion for renewable energy and years of experience living off the grid testifies to the importance of installing only the most reliable and functional systems available.

  • Guttering for rainwater catchment is often installed on a THOW at the detriment to internal floor space.  This is because the maximum allowable width is 2.5m total.  We install recessed guttering to eliminate this problem.

  • Stairs:  Experience living in THOW tells us that athough ladders can be space-saving, a pregnant woman would generally prefer to take a staircase to the bathroom at 3am!  This has proven to be quite widespread among the non-pregnant alike.  We install stair access to lofts in our homes for this reason.

  • Premium timbers:  Much care is taken in selecting quality timbers for our homes.  Lightweight and stable timbers are often more expensive than others however we beleive they are crucial to good design.

  • Access to electrics & plumbing:  Our unique trailer flashing enables easy maintenance of services.

  • 12 month warranty:  Details are available for download here.

  • Delivery available to suitable Victorian addresses for competitive prices.

  • We are the "real deal":  Construction of our Tiny Houses is powered exclusively by an off grid solar system installed on a Tiny House.  We have worked and lived as a family with this system for more than 7 years.








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Anchor 1

Click on the photos below to enlarge.

Standalone solar components
Custom black laminate
Coppia custom
Poplar/birch/batic pine
Batic pine loft
Where it all began..
Winter Sun
Cosy niche
Queen Sofa Bed
Separett Villa
Poplar/birch Kitchen
Double Glazing
Oiled paulownia cladding
3.3kW Sunpower Solar
Understair Storage
View from loft
Stainless kitchen
Melbourne Home Show


It was the year 2015 and I, Glade Gordon and my wife Cloe were looking for a simple yet comfortable housing solution. We were enlightened to the magical world of Tiny Houses on Wheels or THOWs in a discussion with friends to which I abruptly responded, “Sounds like a caravan”. I jumped online and discovered one main difference between traditional caravans and THOWs:

-Caravans are generally built for mobility and short-term stays and

-THOWs are typically trickier to tow yet built for long-term stays.

The vastly varied and creative designs we came across inspired Cloe and I to build our own THOW. With a working background mainly in construction, stone masonry and guitar-building the process went relatively smoothly and was completed during “spare time” out of working hours within a year.


Although the home we built was only a fraction of the size of it's neighbours, we marvelled at it's functionality. We even considered it to be more functional than most as it harvested all of the water and electricity it used from it's rooftop, recycled it's greywater and generated compost. Our only “bill” was covered by one 9kg propane bottle replacement per month. The standalone solar system sufficiently ran all the appliances in the home (dishwasher, airconditioning etc.) whilst also servicing a large workshop. The system's backup generator saw a total of 8 hours of runtime in this first year.


The success of our own debut THOW project has instilled within us the desire to share our passion and skills with others. We hope to one day see the majority of Australia's energy needs supplied by renewable sources.


Feel free to contact us below for more info.

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Thanks! Message sent.

Business Hours (EST):


9am to 5pm


9am to 12pm

*Closed on public holidays

ABN: 49 066 199 390

(GST registered) email imag
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